Who we are

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Our Manifesto

We are in this for the love of two things. Technology and Development. If you are in the “technology can leapfrog development stages”, we are your people.


Mink is a boutique ICT and development consulting business. We came into being quite by chance and as a result of pro-bono strategic work for Ministry of Communications, Science & Technology in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Our curiosity took us hand-in-hand with the Government to Portugal and New York City.

We were following a voice that placed us ahead of the game: technology and education convergence. We believed – and still do – that we can turn Lesotho into a tech-hub akin to Estonia.

It turns out A LOT of stakeholders felt the same. From teacher unions to the Ministry of Education, to the Churches (they own most of the schools)


Mink is founded and run by ‘Makhotso Moiloa, a seasoned development, governance and strategy fanatic. ‘Makhotso is born and raised in Lesotho, educated in the United States and a resident of South Africa. She has worked with both the Lesotho and South African governments and travelled extensively through the Continent. She operates at senior political levels with great ease and has mastered the art of translating technical concepts for easy consumption and enhanced decision making.

She is credited with leading the development of National Strategy on Universal Service and Access Report (2014) which provided a strong foundation to South Africa’s National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper, and earned her an ex-offio spot on the Ministerial Committee. Her work on the National Strategy Report (2014) also influenced South Africa’s SA Connect Policy.

‘Makhotso has served as Deputy-Chair of the Tshwane University of Technology’s ICT Governance Committee. Education is her first love. Agriculture her second