What we do

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This is where our true nature shines through. We dream therefore nothing is impossible. The place where business intelligence is deployed to source solutions for clients and ourselves. Our advisory work has grown organically over the years and stems from our “lets just do it” attitude. This attitude has left us with some mighty nice properties …like ubbu.

Funding and strategic advisory forms the bulk of our work that sees associate with amazing individuals and entities such as Bonema Technologies, HoneyCube, Eyesizwe Mining Development Trust, Skill Exchange Makers, Wireless Africa International, SiyayaTV and more. We’re not big but we certainly punch above our weight. No such thing as scary.

Programme Management

Call us in to set you up…or to resource your office. Performance reporting across projects or divisions is our game. From the PMO framework to the templates to the heatmaps, we’ll help get you out of the starting blocks. Your auditors will love you!

Grassroots Insights

Analytics, you beautiful thing you! Never has one mechanism so revolutionised research and business. Stats and tech are a marvel, and here we are with some of the best on the Continent. We love how technology now enables us to collect widely and granularly; to truly test age-old assumptions about people, communities and consumption patterns. In Africa, money and power can lie in the most unusual places; places where Keynesian economics does not reach …

Research and Concept Design

We are often asked to transpose dreams onto paper. We do it well.